What were you up to on Sunday, September 2?

Did you attend the webinar with tsaururrikame and Sacred Fire Community elder Eliot Cowan about the importance of taking the Stand? If you did, you received the benefit of Eliot’s clear and wise perspective on the powerful impacts of this simple act. You also heard heartfelt questions from people from across the world. It was deeply touching to feel the unity of our community by hearing voices from Australia, Mexico, Canada, the US, and the UK.

If you missed this important moment, feel free to listen to this audio recording of the event.

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A few highlights:

…the sacred — at one moment, it’s tangible, but at the same moment, it’s so far beyond our capacity to understand. Complicit in the Stand is that all of life is like that. There’s nothing that’s an inert object — it’s all part of that unfathomable mystery. That’s what we need to stand for. We benefit and all other beings benefit from our making a stand for that: the divine nature of everything.

How do I, joining people in my community, how do I [begin to see everything as sacred]? We’re not saying this is the answer, but the Stand raises the questions. we need to keep them in front of us as open questions.

The heart view is so much larger. It draws on the capacity and resources of the whole world. …Consider what’s going on in your body, all these pieces of you doing complex functions and all interacting with each other. Cells…billions and trillions of organisms all working to perfection and all interacting with the world. It all happens with no thought whatsoever. Thought would be an impediment. The more we release the need of our mind for control and move in the way of Heart, it will begin to run our lives in such a larger capacity….There are much greater resources available to us.

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