By SkyFox

The stark blue sky has been empty for weeks. Today, clouds arrive out of the east. Thin whips of pale fog burn away, long before they hit the desert sands, but still create a humidity that intensifies the already sweltering heat. I was planted in this Sonoran Desert with the creosote and saguaro by the Gods twenty two years ago, having no notion it would bring an end to my many years as a wandering nomad. Perched on the edge of the Colorado River and both the Mexican and California borders, this part of Arizona is home to about 200,000 souls and is the largest US town in a 200 mile radius of “empty desert.”

I am the only member of the Sacred Fire Community who lives here. There is no local fire hamlet.

In daily prayer, morning and evening, seated in front of a candle, I visit you, my heart friends, my fire community. You who are ill, who enter life-giving or life-taking surgery tomorrow; you who struggle with finances to buy food for a child or medicine for a loved one; you who wander and wonder looking for your path; you who pilgrimage to a weather mountain, to a sacred site; you in Mexico who gather pesos for a young person’s initiation; you in Australia who host men learning the secrets of manhood; you my Canadian prayer companion; you my desert sister in the Valley of Clouds; you my mountain family at your monthly fires; you Crow Woman of the pine trees; you my mamacitas of these many years; you my Tepoz sisters; you Keepers of Saskawhihiwine; you my Sacred Fire Community: I hold you in my heart and am held by your hearts in this world wide web of Fire we weave.

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