“I have spent most of my life denying myself as a woman, misunderstanding what it means to be a woman. The retreat has helped me reconnect with a deep authentic part of myself.”— Christele Askew, France

Women seem to have wider choices in our culture than they have ever had before, but research shows that women are more dissatisfied than they have been in years. What’s going on?

The Lifeways Women’s Retreat experience is based on the belief that women have lost their grounding in the innate sacred feminine. By restoring the knowledge and experience of the sacred feminine, a new way of being can emerge for our people.

The Ukalai Retreat supports a woman’s need for a “time apart” from the repetitive tasks and demands of everyday life. The deep inner voice of the divine feminine calls to a woman throughout her life until she stops to listen. Ukalai opens a potent ritual space where you’ll face old beliefs about yourself and re-ignite your connection to the woman you were born to become.  With a community of dedicated, supportive sisters, you’ll embark on a journey that will activate your creativity and courage, and be offered tools and transformation to help you show up in your life in ways you have longed for.

Sherry Boatright creates a safe container for this four-day group exploration.

Here’s more from Christele Askew, who attended the UK retreat in July 2012:

“This is the first time I experienced the work of the Sacred Fire Community and in particular the Ukalai Women’s Retreat. It is difficult for me to put into words how important this experience is to me….

As the retreat went on, I felt more deeply connected each day to the Earth and Nature, and to the women that formed our beautiful sacred circle. I felt sisterhood from the heart. I learned so much about myself through dreaming, journeying and sharing. The five days were intense and beautiful at the same time. I felt a sense of community I had never felt before, I felt nourished deep in my heart. I felt how very special it is to be a woman connecting with other women. I still carry this connected feeling with me, and I feel I can call upon that whenever I need it.

I want to make this an annual experience.”

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