Fare-well, Paige .  .  .

Dear community,

I wanted to share with you that I am leaving my position as Events Coordinator to step into a leadership position with another one of my heart paths. It has been such an amazing blessing to be able to serve this community in the capacity of Events Coordinator. I have enjoyed working with so many of you and getting to know your local hamlets more deeply. My heart has been opened wide during this work of bringing fire to the world, and I wanted to thank you for all of your support, encouragement and help in organizing events for this community. It has brought me so much joy in being able to bring us all together for the various events in the community, and I look forward to celebrating and enjoying your company at future events as a participant and not an organizer.


The Sacred Fire Community is deeply indebted to Paige for her several years of dedicated, heart-filled service as Events Coordinator. We will miss her beautiful smile and creative contributions, and we wish her all the best in her new activities.



Melody Pettus of Conyers, Georgia and the Carrollton Fire Community has offered to be the Media Archivist for the Sacred Fire Community.  She is bravely stepping into organizing and archiving the community’s graphic project files, articles, videos and audio files as well as working with the  Speaker and HotNews Content Manager on website information. Melody has two beautiful children—Rachel and Matt—both busily pursuing university studies. She works as an auditor for a construction and manufacturing company, plays the harp, gardens and flies Piper airplanes!



Amy Beauregard of Las Vegas, Nevada has volunteered to be the Photo Archivist and Timeline Developer for the Sacred Fire Community.  She says, “Bring me your photos…be they full or mirth or be they fiery examples of the depth of spirit and connection…this community abounds with such examples and more…you are the artists and I am the collector!”

By day, she works as a nurse for the Veterans Administration. Off hours, you’ll find her trout fishing along the Colorado River with her beloved partner Torri close by. She has strong ties to both the Westford/Brookfield Massachusetts and Grand Junction/Mesa Colorado Fire Communities.

To send your photos to Amy, contact her for instructions.

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The Sacred Fire Community is eternally grateful to every one of its volunteers who so graciously give of their time, talents, sweat and, yes, sometimes blood to do the often quite un-glamorous behind-the-scenes work that makes it possible to spread the Heart message of Fire throughout the world.

Interested in volunteering to spread the Fire? Contact SkyFox, our FireWork manager.

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