The above headline may be our destiny, but we’re not there quite yet. What do you see in our future?

No matter where our road is leading us through the warmth and blazing hot-ness of fire, our Community is an expression of sacredness, fire and community that has tremendous potential.

If each of you reading this and interested in the path of our community would do all of us this favor:

1. Find a quiet spot and a quiet moment. Take a deep breath.

2. Light a candle if you have one around. If not, just feel the warmth of your heart.

3. Ask yourself this: Where do I see the Sacred Fire Community in 20 years?

How many people are there? What impact are we having? Are there a mix of ages and faces? Have fires gotten larger or more diverse? Have local hamlet communities grown to be more a part of the international movement of sacredness and fire, or have they gotten more developed locally? Or have things stayed the same? How do we help each other? How are we becoming more and more a community? How is our community responding to the heart-needs of our people?

4. After you vision this for 5-20 minutes, write it down. Then, please come back here and share with your  community what you saw/felt/perceived by using the comments function below. If your experience is one you don’t want to share with everyone, please send it to me directly.

The Sacred Fire Community and our work is not our vision – it’s a vision designed by the gods and brought into fruition through our connection and our work, as we learn to dance together well. But then again, it is our vision as much as anything can be. If all of us feel into it, we’ll begin to recognize the edges, the colors, the boldness and beauty of our community’s place in this world. Do you feel the warmth? Does it feel exhilirating to begin to look towards what’s coming?

As we work together to vision our community, I need to take some time off of the details. We had begun expanding and deepening the content of HotNews, and that will continue somewhat with our new Heart on Fire blog from marakame and writer Jonathan Merritt and others. However, after some earnest attempts at trying (and failing) to get editorial leadership and proofing help for HotNews, we’re realizing that, not only do we need more help, but we also need to look into streamlining the process of our e-newsletter. So, stay tuned for upcoming (and exciting) changes that may just change the way you interact with us online.

Also, wish us luck in our continued search for someone to lead the content and visioning of the publication. Since I’m pulling back on my HotNews work to focus on other Sacred Fire Community needs, our content will do the best it can with our valiant skeleton crew until we find the right person to take charge.

Many thanks to current HotNews crew:

Melody Pettus – archivist turned editorial assistant “temporarily” – Thank you for hanging in there for us, Melody!

Robin Lockwood – content manager – Handling technological difficulties with good humor and tenacity – thank you, Robin!

Amy Beauregard – photo archivist – Thank you for finding the beautiful shots that grace our posts!

Phil Roberts – layout manager – Making HotNews beautiful and readable, planning and adjusting as we grow – thank you!

Tracy Pearson – webmaster extraordinaire – Many thanks for coming through just as we needed you, and adding photos, forms and other functionality at the drop of a hat when we need it, and fixing all the broken things – yay, Tracy!

Jeff Bartlett – Communications director – Always on the job to ensure that the thing gets out – thank you for all your hard work, Jeff!

If you’re feeling the call to help, whether it’s proofing some posts, leading an editorial team, or otherwise helping with our website content, please contact SkyFox, our FireWork manager.

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Sending warmth from my heart and appreciation for the part you play,

Erin Everett, Speaker for the Sacred Fire Community

Erin Everett

Erin Everett, Speaker

Erin Everett lives in Asheville, NC, USA, home of a wonderful Sacred Fire Community hamlet. In 1996, when she first met Eliot Cowan, she thought the last thing on earth she needed was community. Now, she appreciates community because that’s where all the jokes and good chocolate are.

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