With deepest appreciation for all your labors of love and heart in our behalf.


With love,

The Sacred Fire Community

Back in June, Larry Messerman announced that he would be stepping down from his role as a Co—Executive of the Sacred Fire Community. The baton just passed to newly recruited Tim Simon. Welcome Tim! At this juncture, we have, as a community, the occasion and honor to celebrate  Larry for his eight years of devoted and inspired service. Larry listened carefully around the fire, and worked  tirelessly and collaboratively with the three other co-executives  to help bring more Fire and heart into the world.  Now we can share and show some of this heart and Fire  to him. What better way to honor Larry for his legacy of leadership than to express  gratitude, appreciation and thankfulness—true markers of a  strong, heart-based community.

We invite you to sign Larry’s card by sending us an email with your appreciation, jokes or funny memories. Please feel free to include a note, share an anecdote, a poem, a photo. Let your heart open wide and be a part of this fiery forum.  In another issue of HotNews we’ll share everyone’s responses. Thank you!

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