Hello, Fiery Ones!
Those of us working with the international Sacred Fire Community are undertaking a deep re-evaluation of how all of us — you, us and everyone who goes to fires — exist and work as community together. Publishing HotNews over several months, we’ve learned a lot about its value to the community, and about what the community needs from a news bulletin and from an online sharing mechanism.

Now we’re looking at how HotNews could be re-tooled in a way that would make news and event announcements more timely, the sharing of stories, opinions, poems, art, photos and Heart more community-based, and the production burden carried by our small volunteer staff more sustainable.

During this period of inner work, HotNews as we know it will vanish. We’ll maintain a pared-down newsletter for events and other critical announcements, but will focus most of our energies on creating a system that will be a better response to what what we’re hearing the community needs.  Wish us luck as we plan and make changes, and please offer your help if you’re feeling called to be of assistance. We could particularly use the help of inspired people with WordPress, LAMP, and other technical skills.

We welcome your suggestions, and appreciate your patience and support!
On the behalf of our entire community, we warmly thank the current HotNews team, who will be helping us through this transition and out on the other side, and who also maintain other roles for our community:
Phil Roberts: HotNews production manager and SFC Firekeeper
Melody Pettus: HotNews editorial assistant and SFC Archivist
Robin Lockwood: HotNews submissions and SFC Firekeeper
Amy Beauregard: HotNews photo editor and SFC Photo Archivist/Manager
Tracy Pearson: HotNews support in many ways and SFC webmaster

Erin Everett: HotNews team leader/editor