This is a response from Susan Skinner, one of the Sacred Fire Community’s four Executive Directors, to a question asked in the comments of our website. Since many of you who have just taken the Stand may also want to know this, we’re sharing it with everyone. Thank you, Susan!


Your request was sent to me. I’m one of the people that has volunteered to help the Sacred Fire Community (SFC) become visible in the world. The request I received said you had filled in a form and asked “What is the SFC?” I’ll do my best to give you a glimpse.

In my words, I would say that we are a bunch of people spread across this globe that have recognized the need for change from societies that create imbalance, isolation, and disconnection from each other, ourselves, the natural world and the spirit that exists in us and amongst all of that. We are finding our way back to our human-ness and connection by re-entering into relationship with each other through the aspects of Fire that warm us up and open us. I recommend that you read the Fire Stories on our website to get a sense of what I am hinting at here. If there are no Sacred Fire Community fires that are close to you, I suggest you begin to sit by a fire and feel the warmth and witness the simple transformation of the wood to embers and then to ash.

The best answer about who we are are, is by seeing what we stand for in our Stand for Sacredness, in our Lifeways offerings and our Community Fires. Even our Marketplace works to carry products that say something about us. If you have already done this, I’d be happy to try and answer more specific questions or refer you to others that can provide more answers.

Thank you for taking an interest, and we invite you to take the Stand if you haven’t and to warm yourself by engaging with the people and offerings of the Sacred Fire Community. All people are welcome around the Fire.

Warmest regards,


Susan Skinner
Co-executive Director
Sacred Fire Community