HotNews, the Sacred Fire Community’s monthly e-newsletter, is missing something.

Yes, we have announcements of upcoming programs and events, context for what the Community is doing in the world. But where’s the voice of our Community?

Hi, my name is Robin Lockwood and I’m the Content Manager for the Sacred Fire Community HotNews e-newsletter. Some of y’all might remember me from the days of “Around the Fire” newsletter as the one who cajoled, niggled, or just outright harassed you to write articles for our print newsletter. Well, I’m baaaack!

I would like to invite you to add your voices to our e-newsletter. I’m seeking your stories, your birth announcements, your death announcements, your achievements, your poetry, your artwork, and what’s happening in your hamlets. I’m looking for the stories that tell us what’s up, what’s down, and what’s swirling all around your lives as you sit in and around the Fire.

Submissions are due the first day of every month by 3 pm CST. These submissions should only be 300 words in length. If you happen to have a picture that goes along with the story, please send it along with your submission, too. Send your submissions to me.  If you have any questions; please send them to me, as well.

This is so exciting! I hope to hear from y’all real soon!!!!


Robin Lockwood

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