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Fast forward to our modern lives, where our light is fluorescent, our food microwaved, and our evenings lost to the blue flicker of the tube. A time when people who find their true purpose in the world are the exception, not the rule. Distracted by the flashing synthetic lights of technology, addiction to speed and shallow relationships, our people have reached a new level of disconnection. How do we figure out how to fix this broken system? How do we return to our center, to our Hearts, to Fire? We’re running out of time. Perhaps we should upgrade everything, move faster, work harder?

One of the hidden benefits of fire is transformation. Another is connection. The simple act of gathering with others around a fire changes you…and your mind. There’s something about Fire that connects us with the world around us in a way nothing else can. You bring your distractions, confusion and problems to the fire, and somehow they become a little clearer and may even resolve of their own accord.

You and your fire companions tell a few jokes, talk about your lives, your challenges, and the Fire listens. Over time, as you listen back, you see how all of these things add up to a plan, a purpose that’s unfolding in your life. You see how your life fits with these others, how their problems are similar, and their support, warmth, compassion and companionship is a relief. You stop pushing against life and begin, like a small stone in a large river, to let life move you to the place where you belong. How does it feel to begin to dance with life? Find out at your local Sacred Fire Community Fire.

Like any deep relationship, your relationship to Fire is not a quick fix for your life. It’s a path of learning, deepening, growing, changing that challenges and supports you your whole life long. Living life close to the fire takes commitment, a rare quality in our shopping culture. And it can lead to other rare qualities, like deep transformation, purpose and wisdom.

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