This is my community.

We gather each month around the light and warmth of the elemental spirit of fire.  In this sacred space, we share from the heart, supporting each other, celebrating the sacred and profound, as well as the everyday struggles and blessings of our lives.

I see us as creating our own counter-culture,  a culture of community and connection.  A culture counter to the corporate dominated politics where the rich get richer at everyone else’s expense.  A culture countering the corporate media message of  “buy more stuff” which takes from Mother Earth and pours back toxins.  A culture that counters the hierarchies which create inequality and oppression, divisiveness and isolation.

We are creating a culture which takes the fact that “everything is connected” as a given.  We try to come from that place and act accordingly, seeing ourselves at one with the natural world in which we live.  We create our own culture with music-making, storytelling, poetry, art, ritual and celebration.  I see us as creating a new culture, a new path, a new world — one step at a time, putting one foot in front of the other.  We make the road by walking……..Together.

This is my community.

Come nurture your spirit at the next community fire. But remember to bring your heart along.

Amy, Maryland Line, Maryland, USA

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