On the December Solstice in 2012, there was a changing of the guard. 

By SkyFox, Sacred Fire Community FireWork manager

We were privileged to be alive to witness the departure of the 5th Sun and the birth of the 6th Sun in the Mayan calendar.  Reflecting over the 5000 years of the 5th Sun, there have been wildly wonderful and woefully horrific events for us to celebrate, mourn and say goodbye to.  In contemplating this new era into which we step, we are given the opportunity to set our intentions to do better.  We have the opportunity to move forward in a good way in which we truly honor the sacred and interconnected nature of all life.

The mission of the Sacred Fire Community is to gather in community, reestablish our relationship with the living world, end the isolation of modern culture and build lives of meaning and purpose.  We believe we are the change we are looking for.  Please join us.  Click here to contact me for opportunities to volunteer.

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