By SkyFox, FireWork manager

Find out more about the people who build the fire and keep it burning in the Sacred Fire Community! Our volunteer department is called FireWork for a reason. Not only do our diligent and committed workers keep the community’s wheels a’turning, but we also discover new capacities in ourselves by engaging in our work learning and growing deep community. Here are a couple of people you should know about:

Unsung Hero

For three years, Sherri Stewart-Hurley from the Leiper’s Fork, TN fire community has been our Product Distribution Coordinator.  She houses most of our Marketplace inventory, receives, ships and fills orders.  She also pulls together inventory for special events, such as the reunions.  Sherri has done this great service for our community, quietly, behind the scenes since 2009.

The mother of two boys ages 9 and 13,  Sherri has a passion for helping others and works as a caregiver for the elderly.  In her moments of relaxation, she enjoys a good book.

Sherri, we want to thank you for your loving heart and the sweet service you provide to our community.



Tracy Pearson has very bravely and generously stepped into being the SFC’s Web Master.   He is charged with keeping the website online, up to date, and assisting with making posts to the site.  Tracy is a member of the Asheville, NC hamlet.  He enjoys hiking in the beautiful mountains of Western North Carolina with his girlfriend, has a cat named Pete and enjoys getting lost in puzzles.

The SFC and its website thank you, Tracy, for your enthusiastic offer of help!


Interested in helping out in large or small ways bringing Fire and Heart into the world? Contact SkyFox, FireWork manager.

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