Dear Friends:

What do you stand for in 2013?

As a part of the Sacred Fire Community, you’re standing up for the sacredness of all life.

We are a relatively new community and organization. Even so, together with you, here is some of what we have accomplished in the past 12 months:

  • Our newly improved HotNews updates are now being read by more people in more countries–including China!
  • Last August we put on an extremely successful Reunion in collaboration with the Blue Deer Center. One participant expressed a sentiment that was echoed by many: “I’ve never been to an event that showed me the power of community like this one…”.
  • Our new Sacred Fire Community Facebook page has over 500 fans. Paradoxically that page encourages people to get off the computer and actively experience life in real community!
  • We are sponsoring 12 to 15 Lifeways programs and webinars per year and in 2012  they were attended by well over 100 people.
  • We have new Firekeepers–including an additional Firekeeper in Tepoztlan, Mexico and our first Firekeepers in Colombia  and Canada. That means a total of 66 Firekeepers world-wide.
  • Globally, over 900 people (and still counting!) have taken The Stand for Sacredness on the SFC’s website. Many of these people are new to the SFC.
  • We played a large part in staffing the Sacred Fire Foundation’s successful Ancient Wisdom Rising Conference in Atlanta, GA in November.
  • An international Firekeeping Council set up to help us better support our growing community fires and encourage their continued growth.
  • We promoted Solstice rituals that were held in most of our fire communities to mark the end of the era of the Fifth Sun and the beginning of the Sixth Sun recognized by the Mayan people.

This last event highlights the importance of where we are in human history, and the role that the Sacred Fire Community can play in setting the stage for a more sustainable, balanced, and meaningful way of life for the generations to come. The good news is that many people and organizations around the globe are feeling the need for this kind of transformation. We are working to join with others and grow communities in the service of heart and fire. With you and many others, we are laying the foundation for a time when most people once again will honor and experience their deep connection to each other and the world around them.


What do you stand for in 2013? What is it worth?

As a part of the Sacred Fire Community, you are standing up for the sacred interconnectedness community and of all life.

We need help. The volunteers who dedicate time and effort to organizing the community and implementing events, community fires, programs and supporting the overall identity of the community do their work as an act of love, commitment and dedication. Is your heart moving you to help spread the benefits of fire and heart? Contact us at

We need contributions. This year we are dedicated to producing a brochure, sponsoring training for Firekeepers, promoting Lifeways programs, as well as holding business meetings to organize for this work–just to mention a few things that are underway.

To give you an idea of how some of your dollars will be spent:

  • $850 pays for our new brochure
  • $600 pays for our registration fee as a non-profit in the USA
  • $250 pays for 1 year of a global conference call service so that Firekeepers, volunteers, and other organizers can talk to each without incurring individual charges
  • $180 pays the room and board for one volunteer at our annual meetings
  • $150 pays for our website domain names for 1 year

And so on…..

Your contributions, financial or otherwise, go a long way in helping to ‘stoke the fire’ of heart. Please consider helping us in this critical work! Click here to contribute

With Gratitude,

Larry, Jeff, Susan and Karen on behalf of the The Sacred Fire Community organization