Eliot Cowan began the study and practice of herbalism in the 1960’s. Following an intensive explo­ration of alternative healing practices, Mr. Cowan returned to the plants and rediscovered a way to access their ability to heal the human mind and spirit —a practice he calls Plant Spirit Medicine.

In 1997, Eliot was initiated as a marakame, or shaman, by don Guadalupe Gonzalez Rios, a shaman of the indigenous Huichol people of Mexico, who subsequently recognized Mr. Cowan as a guide to shamanic apprentices in that tradition. He is now an acknowledged tsaurrurrikame, or elder shaman. Mr. Cowan travels widely, teaching, healing, and promoting balanced relationship with the human and other-than-human world.

Eliot Cowan is one of the elders of the Sacred Fire Community.


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