Facebook, email and digital tools allow us to share vast quantities of information instantaneously with any number of people anywhere in the world, to sign petitions and join movements by the score. But are we really connecting? Are we really making a difference?

Our ancestors took for granted that time spent around the fire was valuable not just for warmth and light, but for their connection to each other and the living world. Could it be that this connection with Fire and Community holds the secrets to how we chart the way to a truly sustainable future?

Unity and connection, enjoying life together with others, feeling the benefit of human sympathy and help from people we trust. This is what many of us are finding at our over 60 Community Fires throughout the world. An active energy in all aspects of the world, Fire lights our way like a beacon and offers life-saving warmth. You could say that human beings without fire are literally out in the cold: distracted by illusions, without purpose and wisdom, lost.

Is there just one friend on your iphone, your facebook, your email address list that you could offer the mysterious gifts that fire and community hold? If each of us offer that gift to just one friend, the whisper on the wind would be twice as loud. If each of them were to give it to just one of their friends, pretty soon the world would be dancing and singing in joyful interconnectedness..

Come and join us around the fire.

And please invite your friends.

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Larry, Susan, Jeff, Karen and the people of the Sacred Fire Community