Enjoy this letter from Sacred Fire’s Board of Directors:

As we head towards a New Year, we want to thank all the people who have helped carry out the work of Sacred Fire not only this last year, but in many cases, for many years. Hundreds of people have been called to this work, have been warmed by Fire, and in turn are helping our people reconnect to each other, find joy in living, calm their minds and live through their hearts.

We don’t take this for granted. It is a modern day miracle that we have accomplished what we have: community fires across the world, rituals for men, women, and young people who need guidance to face the challenges of our modern times, and the most incredible offering of all, appearances by Grandfather Fire that allow us to deepen our connection with the sacred and through which the lives of many people have been touched and transformed.

This next year, we are intent on expanding our work and our impact by inviting new people into our programs, our community fires, and our Fire Speaks events. This will take two things: more people volunteering and more funds.

We are humbly writing to ask for your help. 

If you have time to volunteer, please contact our Executive Director, Lawrence Messerman to discuss your skills and interests at Larry@nullSacredFire.org or 720-262-9181. Next, we are asking you to make a contribution of any size before the end of the day today, December 31. We are 100% funded by contributions from people like you who believe the time for change is at hand, and who want to support our work in creating that change.

Last, please spread the word about Sacred Fire. We designed our new website to help make our work easier to understand, and we are active on social media.

Your help is critical to our success in 2020. Now truly is the time and we, friends, are the people.

Thank you for your commitment, persistence, courage and strong hearts as we continue to move forward together.

May you have a blessed new year!

Roger Menadue
Susan Skinner
Karen Smith Fernandez
David Wiley