It’s been going on for 800,000 years: human beings and our special relationship to fire. We’re the only beings on the planet who light fires, who cook our food over fire, who use fire to light our way. What’s the story behind our innate relationship with this powerful, mysterious force? And the story of Fire’s relationship with us?

For many ages, our ancestors gathered around the fire. As creatures without the benefit of thick body fur, warm dens, and the superhuman senses and instincts of animals, our people never would have survived without Fire’s help. And beyond just surviving, the warmth of connection, transformation and purpose sparked by the fire within us make the life we have actually worth living. Imagine the isolation of trying to make it alone through trauma in your life. The hard times remind us of what we’re missing out on: unity and connection, enjoying life together with others, feeling the benefit of human sympathy and help from people we trust. This is what many of us are finding at our over 60 Community Fires throughout the world. An active energy in all aspects of the world, Fire lights our way like a beacon and offers life-saving warmth. You could say that human beings without fire are literally out in the cold: distracted by illusions, without purpose and wisdom, lost. Sound familiar?

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The Sacred Fire Community offers over 60 monthly community fires. Find your fire.