What are the qualities of the Sacred Fire Community that keep people coming back for more?

Even when we uncover our weaknesses and faults, encounter our attachments and expectations, and even face our fears about conflict, we keep jumping into the flames again and again. What is it that enriches our lives so much that we’re compelled to keep coming back? Read some Fire Stories, or discover your local Community Fire.

The Sacred Fire Community isn’t unique. What other tribes, nations, villages, groups offer this special mix that makes up deep community? When have you felt it before, noticed it in the joy expressed by others’ experiences, tasted it when traveling in a ‘third world’ country? Was there a spark of deep community in New Orleans after Katrina? What about in Japan after the 2011 tsunami?

Human beings’ inner calling to deep community is an ancient one. Before the recent Industrial and Technological Ages — comprising a tiny moment on humanity’s timeline — people across the planet, our ancestors, lived tribally. In these deep communities, human beings could be said to have priorities different from our modern ones: they found it practical to spend their lives reinforcing their rightful place in the web of all life. Generally, each individual was known well, both in their place with other humans and with nature, and their purpose in life was uncovered and nourished by the village they served and that served them. Their rituals and ways of life reinforced their relationships with each other and their world.
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The Sacred Fire Community offers over 60 Community Fires each month. Find your fire.