Sacred Emergence: Initiation into Adulthood for Young Women is a sacred rite of passage designed for young women (ages 16–24) who are ready to take the natural and transformative leap to commit to living a purposeful life as an adult. Sacred Emergence provides a container supported by experienced elder guides and staff to address this natural impulse of self-discovery through a learning program, ritual, and mentoring.

At this stage in life, young people begin to prepare for their deeper growth, which leads them to question life, to seek meaning, and search for their life’s greater purpose. The initiatory wake-up call may result in a self-directed search relying on drastic behaviors to affect the transformation they ultimately seek. (For more on this topic read Impulse of Life.

This is a crossroad for the young person, a time of great change and transition. For a girl budding into new life, an inner calling moves her to discover a deeper connection to herself and to the world she lives in. She innately feels the call to become a woman. This search begins naturally in her early teens and lasts into her 20’s.

Initiation into adulthood is an ancient, socially conscious and deliberate transformative process that guides and ritually catalyzes a young woman’s essential self into becoming a woman and adult. The energetic shift ultimately brings forth and makes available her innate purpose as a woman within family, community, and society.

Sacred Emergence: Initiation into Adulthood for Young Women is a 6–12 month learning program that lays a foundation for a girl to become a woman in today’s world. Initiation culminates in a guided rite of passage that ritually connects her to her inherent and mysterious gift of womanhood. She is moved to claim the sacred feminine in her life, and with gained competence, make a life commitment to become the person she was born to be.

Are you ready for initiation?
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How to Apply
Girls and young women ages 16-24 are welcome to apply. Applications are accepted year round. We are in the process of updating our application. Check back here to download an application in a few days.

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