Our experience of being born and welcomed shapes who
we are and how we relate with life.
What happens when we engage family, community,
and Divine in this powerful right of passage?
We create a sustainable future, one baby at a time.

HOB AVL Group copyThe Heart of Birth is a weekend program for men and women who are looking for
• Reassurance about the birth process.
• Tools to guide you in the journey of pregnancy, birth and the initial steps in parenting.
• A foundation to support you and your baby as you continue throughout life.
• Effective ways to help families, clients, and community in welcoming life.

Children are the bloom of our people. For our ancestors, birth was a time of great celebration and deep purpose. It was one of the essential ingredients in sustaining community. Community knew that they had a role in helping to bring forth and sustain life.

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In the old ways, people acknowledged the creation of new life, from conception through birth, as dependent on the grace of a deep mystery. Elders and community supported the expecting mother and father and gathered to honor the arrival and unique path of the newborn child.

Unfortunately, many of these sacred relationships between community and birth have been forgotten in our culture today. Whether at home or in the hospital, birth often becomes a medicalized and disconnected experience. This can lead to fear, isolation, aggression and confusion, perpetuating a world out of balance as people lose their way.
The Heart of Birth Program engages the inherent power and mystery that brings forth life. It provides effective tools to help you instinctively be with the process of birth and early parenting. Heart of Birth recognizes that deeply connecting with and welcoming life is essential for individuals and communities to live in balance and harmony with the world. Join us.

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Read the story of Neikame. Neikame is the Huichol word for the beginning stage of corn. Learn how this relates to the Heart of Birth program.

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Heart of Birth is offered by Sacred Fire Community Lifeways.


Photo Credit: Josephine Thomas, Jeff Bartlett