Take one modern human, typically pre-chilled from a life of disconnection and cold, calculating thought. Bring said human to the Fire. Mix in a few other pre-chilled Beings. Stir in some emotion. Viola! You have Grandfather Fire’s traditional baked beings recipe. The humans come out steaming hot: full of joy, embracing whatever challenges life may bring. In fact, they become so hot they may cause other ‘pre-chilled beings’ to heat up and cook in a chain reaction that could engulf the entire world. At least we hope so!

If we are forced to “fess up,” the secret agenda of the Sacred Fire Community is spontaneous combustion: everything we do, from our Lifeways offerings to our Community Fires, our fiery events, and even our Marketplace books and products are all designed to get you, your friends, and your loved ones to unexpectedly burst into flames…igniting the fire of Heart, transformation and joy. Our goal is to spread Heart and fire with reckless creative abandon, igniting a deep passion for life that turns the orderly, detached, modern world upside down. We seek nothing less than total world illumination: an unshakable experience of our deep connection to each other and the great web of life.

Caution: baked beings are by their nature unpredictable. Their brazen enthusiasm can make those around them uncomfortable, leading those others to feel bloated with unexpressed emotions. But with a little more Heart and fire, everyone lets loose. Fear gives way, and the result is a thriving community wherein difference and even outright conflict simply fuel more transformation and joy.

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