IMG_1157The feminine is incredibly strong and connective, the force that both gives and holds life together.

Today, many women don’t completely understand that what they ARE is an aspect of this incredible expression of divine. We come from generations of people who have been disconnected from their lands, their communities and even their bodies. This disconnection has been passed down to us along with a sense of the feminine as “lesser than.”

Over the last 50 years, there has been a great effort to produce restoration and rebalancing to bring women into “equality” with men. Women have more choices and are more educated than any generation of women in history, yet studies are showing that we are less happy than we’ve ever been. What’s going on?

To uncover this, we need to engage in “women’s business,” a term sometimes used by Australian aborigines. In that culture, women were central to communal life, autonomous in their actions, and in positions of influence quite comparable to men. Women were guardians of a special knowledge and therefore held great spiritual authority. Likewise, this was the case in many indigenous cultures. Women and men both knew their roles and understood this significance for the community’s benefit.

Our women’s business today is to reconnect to our fundamental values as the feminine that our ancestors understood so well, and to remove impediments to remembering and living this knowing through the gathering of women. We call this gathering “Ukalai,” named for the cyclic time when the women of the Huichol indigenous peoples of the Sierra Madres of Northwestern Mexico come together to reorient, refocus, and renew. The Sacred Fire Community is holding the next Ukalai gathering at the Blue Deer Center in Margaretville, NY August 20-24th. For information or to register, please contact Linda Felch or use the form below.

Sherry Boatright

Sherry Boatright

Sherry Boatright Quiatlzques (woman bringer of rain or weather shaman) in the Nahuatl tradition of the central highlands of Mexico, a ceremonial leader, Sacred Fire Community Firekeeper and a licensed psychotherapist. She is the director of the Sacred Fire Community’s Lifeways, our series of programs that honor and celebrate the natural stages and transitions of life.

Sherry facilitates Lifeways’ Ukalai Women’s Retreat.

Read more about Sacred Fire Community Lifeways.

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