Deanna Jenné is the ritual leader for the Sacred Fire Community Lifeways program Sacred Emergence: Initiation into Womanhood. As an initiated marakame or shaman in the Huichol tradition of the western Sierra Madres of Mexico and a granicero or weather worker in the Nahuatl tradition of central Mexico, she is a healer in these traditions, and serves her community bringing experience, guidance and ritual leadership to circles around the globe. She is the director of Water Comes First, a sacred activist organization to protect Mother Earth’s watershed. She holds a seat on the elder council for the marakate medicine group, is the Director of the Blue Deer Seminary of the Temple of Sacred Fire Healing and is an initiated Fire Keeper alongside her husband, Gary Weidner, in her community of Mesa, Colorado. There, they are creating an intentional community called Full Circle Living and the Mesa Life Project. For more on Deanna’s work go to her website at