The vital and timeless ritual of initiation has been lost in our culture, leaving young people confused about their purpose and their relationship to the whole of life.

Without the guidance and support of ritual and community, the powerful drives and overwhelming emotions of the initiatory age can lead to destructiveness and turmoil, or to the sublimation of the heart’s true calling. Ultimately, the absence of initiation can lead to men leading lives of perpetual adolescence.

Sacred Awakening young men’s initiation is a sacred rite of passage that activates the transformative spiritual force awaiting deep inside each young man to ignite maturity, responsibility and wisdom to life. The ritual of initiation provides the catalyst for this transformation. Ritual elders assisted by qualified men from the Sacred Fire Community guide applicants throughout the preparatory process and initiation ritual.

Young men ages 16-25 are encouraged to apply.

“The initiation is, without a doubt, powerful. Its effects are transformational in the sense of allowing that which is not essential to drop away. It works to benefit the individual and by extension the community. It provides the occasion and impetus for a young man to take his place as an adult in the world with attending responsibilities, respect and dignity. It forges a bond between the initiates and the cadre of men in the community who support and mentor the young men in the initiation process. Above all, it gives the initiates a deep sense of who they truly are. They begin to live their lives from this authentic place.” Dan Sprinkles, Sacred Awakening presenter

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Sacred Awakening initiation for young men is offered by Sacred Fire Community Lifeways.