From Arab Spring to Occupy America and UK to tumultuous weather patterns, things are heating up.

Are you feeling it? Sometimes the energy of fire shakes things up, and many people are responding by signing up for the Sacred Fire Community’s vision, hard work and community experience.
It’s an exciting time to volunteer with us. If any of the positions listed here call to you, please contact SkyFox at


Paige Lieberman has been the vision-holder for Events for the SFC since 2007, when she stepped forward to help with Reunion. She talks about Sacred Fire Events being the glue that hold us together, reminding us of our connections with each other and the sacred world. The following positions are now available. Do you hear that gentle voice prompting you to step into the fire and take on one of these roles?  
Each of the positions listed below will report directly to Paige, and each involves extensive networking within the SFC organization and community and requires basic computer skills (Word, Excel, Internet).
Ignite Your Heart Coordinator This is an exciting, brand new position creating regional events intended to bring the joy of the possibility of living in connection, in heart, in community forward in such a way that new folks flock to the fire. This is a wonderful opportunity for someone who enjoys working with volunteers and team building, has the capacity to track details while still holding the vision of the big picture, has great organizing skills, and frankly loves to throw a good party!! It is estimated this position will require 5-10 hours a week.

Reunion Coordinator
Do you love Reunion? Do you have fabulous ideas about what would make it the blow- out event of the year for our community? Are you simultaneously good at tracking details and seeing the big picture? Well, welcome aboard!  It is estimated this position will require 5-10 hours per week.


Business Meeting Coordinator This position involves planning and coordinating the twice-annual SFC business meetings. It is ideal for someone who wants to learn more about the SFC organization.  The planning of the event will involve gathering and coordinating all site-related information and activities. Volunteer hours revolve around the time period 3 to 4 months before the event. (Estimate: 5 to 10 hours a month during those months.)TELL ME MORE

And in the Financial Sector .  .  .
The finance department continues to look for additional assistance.  If you are good with numbers, please consider helping them out.
Finance Manager As the space holder of the financial life of the SFC, the Finance Manager heads a team of volunteers who assure all things financial are running smoothly.  This includes facilitating adequate cash flow, creating various events budgets, providing necessary financial reports (generated through QuickBooks), assuring timely vendor payments, and acting as financial liaison as needed with SFC team leaders and the Executive Directors.  (Estimate:  1-5 hours per week)TELL ME MORE
Events Finance Manager The primary responsibility of this new position that will report to the Finance Manager, is to oversee the finances for all Sacred Fire Community events.  At this time, those events are Reunion (once a year), Ignite Your Heart (a couple of times a year) and Lifeways programs (throughout the year). All financial budgeting, tracking and reporting as well as communication regarding finances with various events team members are a part of this role. (Estimate: 5-6 hours a week.)TELL ME MORE

New Recruits…

Mariani “Shuilan” May of Los Angeles, CA has graciously offered to step into the recently created Quickbooks Supervisor and Bookkeeper 2  positions.  She brings with her 20 years of Quickbooks experience as the Controller at Yo San University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, so we are confident she will do a great job of keeping the SFC finances on track. Thank you, Shuilan!!

Won’t You Join Us?
Want to add your enthusiasm and inspiration to the fun and hard work that makes up volunteering for Sacred Fire in the world? We would love to have you. Please contact for more information on any of these openings.