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Your respectable adult mind has earned you a place at the grown-up’s table, but how long has it been since you really abandoned yourself to the spirit of Fun?  Quit recycling the stale chatter in your head—your heart knows what you need better than anything, and the day is coming to revel in the joy of connection and celebration.

Loosen your grip on your wild and precious self and come be embraced by a mysterious, loving warmth that will open what’s been closed and ignite what’s grown cold. By slowing down to the pace of the living world, making and moving to the music, marveling at the beauty around you, you’ll experience a renewal that will make your soul smile.

Come play with us and choose from  a variety of activities including group games, drumming, sharing stories and jokes around the fire, dancing to Blue Paradox and opening yourself to the wisdom of Grandfather Fire.

Registration is flexible: come for the weekend and immerse yourself in community, or come just for the Saturday festivities that culminate that night with a special teaching fire not to be missed.

For more information and to register, visit the Blue Deer Center website. Registration ends July 27th.

Sacred Fire Community Reunions like this one are open to everyone. Invite your friends to the fun and discovery of deep community.

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