“A person’s movement in this world is like the action of a swimmer in a river. When you become caught up in ‘self,’ you lose the larger sense of flow.

One needs to grow into an awareness of, or surrender to, the larger flow — action in the face of surrender, or grace.”

Register now: Reunion registration has been extended to July 30th. Contact Mark Gionfriddo or call Mark at 845-586-3225 to be put on the waiting list after 7/30. We will take registrations from the waiting list on a first-come-first-serve basis as space allows.

There was a time when our people felt a deep sense of connection with the natural world around them. Land was not merely a place, but a presence. The trees, the rocks, and the animals all had stories to share. The creeks, the rivers and the ocean itself all had their own song.

This year, Reunion is a kind of ‘coming home.’ For the first time, we will be at the Blue Deer Center—which is part of our Sacred Fire Community family. Our friends at the Blue Deer Center have been taking the time to hear the stories and the song that comes from this sacred land. From August 10th to 13th, we will be meeting at a place that has long been known to support connection and healing.

Those who have visited the Blue Deer Center know that a beautiful river flows across the land. It is known as Saskawhihiwine in the language of the people who once lived there. Saskawhihiwine is a key part of the presence of this very sacred place, and she has much to show us.

Isn’t it time to come home to a deeper sense of connection with the natural world? Join us for a time of celebration as we ‘step into the flow’ of nature and feel the joy that comes from being together and knowing our place in the world.

Register now. (Registration has been extended to July 30th.) Options include registering for the entire event or just for Saturday, including an evening with Grandfather Fire.

Read more about the river and sacred land at the Blue Deer Center.

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