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we are but a small part of a much bigger world. the only way we are going to progress through these tough times is to realize that we are living in a dump of a “civilization” run by people that only want more and more and more, so therefore we are all fine? no we are not, i have seen my father go through very tough times with his work which he hates, he sees people that have had lies pumped into them all his life, they are under the illusion that they have a great job a great home and so on, when really all they have are things, things that cover up how bad the quality of life is as we know it. if things don’t change soon, the whole country if not the whole planet could be a bunch of people under these illusions, sitting in cubicles staring at a computer screen slowly dying inside while saying “oh boy! cant wait for my two kids perfect life with my convertible my new mansion and all the stuff i could ever want” that is the illusion that you have created for yourself and yet you’re still not happy, not truly happy cause deep inside you must know that you cant truly buy happiness, you need to wake up from the illusion. if i am only 16 and have figured this all out then maybe you need to think about this note.

follow your heart, not your mind
–Justin Reid, Utah

Why are our young people so wise and yet so lost?

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