My home is in a large intentional community (The Farm) with a 40 year history of working out what it means to live in fellowship and spirit.

For the past ten years I have dealt with a debilitating disease that has progressively destroyed portions of my nervous system. At this point, i’m rarely able to leave my home and my ”social”lifers nil. Don’t get the wrong idea though. I’m happy, have a loving family, and belong to a Fire Circle. 🙂 For the past seven or so years, our monthly fire is the one thing that I try to make, no matter what.. I don’t always make it but I usually do. This simple act is the one thing that keeps me from feeling isolated. Our circle has had its season of sickness, of dying, and currently a season of birth and new life. This community, within a community, grounds us and brings us closer to our true home. It sustains me…

C.R. Cheney
Summertown, TN

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