This community has become like a family to me, and yet at times I don’t know exactly where I belong. I don’t have any lineage or tradition or spiritual manda to fulfill.

It leaves me feeling like I cannot truly be a part of things that everyone else in the family is doing. I often find myself not feeling included.

I battle my mind telling me that I’m not in the cool clubs, I’m not important enough, not wealthy enough, not valuable enough. Not allowed to be privy to what the “cool kids” are talking about. It’s like a middle school nightmare all over again.  But once I get over the mental crap, I realize that I’m really just a little sad. I grieve that I may never know the benefits and transformational healing of others who walk a closer path with Divine. I simply come to the fires, try to listen to my heart, to connect with others and to be of service. This simple work is quite satisfying and challenging on its own. I am frustrated that I hear I can only go so far with it without a specific path to guide me forward.

What would it be like if the healers and leaders in this community were actually committed to healing and helping us common folk find our path? The type of community I’d like to say I choose to belong to is an inclusive community that values equality, transparency, sharing, and cooperation. Nature teaches us the importance of interdependence, that every piece of the system is kept in check by another piece to maintain a dynamic equilibrium, balance. So although I may not have some important role to play or pilgrimage to make, I am still a part of this family.

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