Enjoy this excerpt from With Love from the Dolphins and Whales: Messages received by Melissa Clare with the White Whale. Order now or view other books and products.


Dear Human Cousins,

River Dolphins are we
moving with the
waters’ currents for
thousands and
thousands of years . . .

Our voice
is but a whisper
in your awareness,
a shimmer of sunlight
on the surface of the
as we move quietly
out of your world . . .

You do not know us
and you cannot guess
the part we play
in the subtle
scheme of life
Yet when we have gone
your lives will be the poorer . . .
So listen, listen to us –
sing with your children
with your pure hearts,
with your harps
by the riverside
invite us to stay
make it safe . . .

Love, from

The Chinese Dolphins