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Revolution of Heart

Some have called it the Shift, and some the Great Shaking.
Some have expressed it through the Occupy Wall Street movement or through taking the Stand. People have quit their corporate jobs to work for causes with little pay but huge benefit for the world. Citizens of countries worldwide have stood up to their governments, speaking their hearts to power at great risk. Our weather is communicating through storms and wildfires, and Mother Earth is speaking through earthquakes. The Revolution of Heart is changing our world.
Right now, people everywhere are taking action to shift our culture’s consciousness from fear to love. Grassroots movements are demonstrating the necessity of moving our collective focus away from mind and materialism and toward heart and collaboration. The Sacred Fire Community is one of these groups.
Our cultural priorities need to shift from profits to relationships. Many groups and individuals are already working toward this end. What will happen when we all unite? READ MORE.
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Taking the Stand from the Ground Up 

By Erin Everett with Mud Mama Janell Kapoor

“Natural building changes the way people look at the world. It’s a way of living on the planet that shows we want to be here.”
That’s what Sarah Brooks, natural building instructor, says about the work. She is one of the hundreds of people worldwide who have collaborated with Janell Kapoor over the past 15 years. Now an internationally acclaimed natural builder, organizer, teacher and designer, Janell started building with earth in 1998 (if not life times ago). Since then, she has traveled the globe, standing up for human and community connection with the world around them by igniting natural building movements. She has shared these methods with people from over 52 countries, and she kicked off the natural building movements in Southeast Asia and South America, which have since grown into hundreds of thousands of people.Janell is based right here in my hometown of Asheville, North Carolina, but even though we travel in the same circles, we hadn’t met until I called her two months ago to explore ways we could connect our work. In our process of collaboration since then, I have become more and more impressed and amazed by this community-building dynamo. She invited me to attend a planning meeting for the Women of the Americas Sustainability Initiative (WASI), a global alliance of women natural builders. WASI is a project of Kleiwerks International, a nonprofit that was started to support Janell’s work. READ MORE.


Starting in November, the Sacred Fire Community Lifeways program will be starting its own revolution.
In the first of a series of upcoming webinars expanding and enriching our current Lifeways programs, Karen Aberle and Cristian Valenzuela will be teaching an online webinar series called “Getting Ready for Deep Relationship: The Trust Factor.” This engaging, practical course will expand on the offerings of their full course, “Getting Ready for Deep Relationship,” a two-day course for everyone, no matter whether or not you are currently in a love relationship.

The focused webinar, “Getting Ready for Deep Relationship: The Trust Factor,” will be an eye opener both for singles and people who are in a love relationship, and both for people who have already experienced the full course and those who haven’t.
The webinar will take place on three consecutive Sundays (one hour each day): November 4, 11 and 18. Cost: $50 for the series. READ MORE.


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Sitting in the Fire Together

By Annie King

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Here in the Sacred Fire Community, our Firekeepers play a crucial role.

They hold the space for conflict, connection, warmth and transformation in our gatherings. They represent the heart of our community to every new person who comes to warm up by the fire. The path of the Firekeeper takes true dedication and is a lifetime commitment.
In order to deepen and grow in their path, each year the Firekeepers come together in retreat. READ MORE.

Fire Stories

Have a story about fire or deep community that needs to be told? Send it to us! We’ll prep it for publication and post it here.



Have we pushed your buttons? Push back.

Diary of a Born Again Pagan

Marketplace: Diary of a Born Again Pagan

Written by the Sacred Fire Community’s own Jeff Baker, Diary of a Born Again Pagan is a series of vignettes written daily over a two month period. At times provocative and at times soothing, the work challenges the hypocrisy in today’s world and points toward a greater vision of respect: respect for others, respect for differing opinions, respect for the process of governing people, respect for the Earth, for the plants, animals and all other beings. READ MORE.

Firework: Help out with our new mentoring program!

Mentoring Youth ImageThe Initiation Councils of Sacred Fire Community’s Lifeways have begun a process of developing a Mentoring program for young men and women who have completed our young women’s initiation (Sacred Emergence) and our young men’s initiation (Sacred Awakening).

This important program that will provide up to four years of post-initiation support. Do you feel called to assist them in this work? Do you know someone who would be a good fit? The positions we are recruiting for include…

Researcher: Look for ten established mentoring programs to present to the Councils. Write a brief description of each, ranking them based on standards developed by the Councils.
Administrative Assistant: Set up conference calls, organize meetings, retreats, trainings and other duties as needed.

If you would like to help in this exciting and vital work, please contact SkyFox our Firework Mangager.

Discover other positions open in the Sacred Fire Community.

SFC Events

Upcoming Events

October 6-7 2012
Alice Springs, Northern Territory
October 13-14 2012
Perth, Western AustraliaWEBINAR – Getting Ready for Deep Relationship: The Trust Factor.

November 4, 11 and 18. Cost: $50 for the series. Register now.

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