Ancient Wisdom Rising 2013 gathers at Blue Deer Center August 16-18. Plan to be there!

We’re excited that two Haudenosaunee (Iroquois Six Nations) elders will share their words with us this year: Oren Lyons (Onondaga) and Tom Porter (Mohawk). This is such an honor. Tom brings the gathering an ancestral grounding as BDC resides in the Mohawk homelands.

Participate in teachings, stories and ceremonies with four additional wisdom keepers including Sobonfu Some’ of the Dagara tribe of Burkina Faso, Eda Zavala of the Wari people of Peru, and Eliot Cowan of the Huichol tradition and Plant Spirit Medicine. (Join the AWR mailing list for elder updates and announcements.)

If you’ve ever considered coming to AWR, it’s never been more affordable! We’ll begin Friday at 6 pm and close Sunday at 6 pm. If you’re close enough to commute daily, you can attend the whole weekend for only $195, including all of your meals.

Come camp on the land. Your connection to earth and sky will be enlivened. You’ll hear the song of the river flowing nearby and the song of the birds as they greet each morning’s sun. Camp Friday until Sunday, attend all the workshops, sessions and ceremonies, enjoy six fabulous meals, participate in the council fires and meet other heart-inspired people–all for only $250.

We have a limited number of indoor accommodations on site as well. If you’ve stayed at BDC, you know the dorms are homey and comfortable. Arrive Friday afternoon, depart Sunday, embrace everything AWR has to offer– for only $325.

Registration opens April 17.


The sacred river Saskawhihiwine runs through BDC. On very rare occasions she displays a sign that speaks of her gifts of balance, healing and welcome. As the AWR and BDC teams began working together, she blessed us with this sign: