It is time to join together and share our views of the world. It is time to hear each other. It is time to emerge and shine. It is time to gather around the fire. It is time for Ritaka!

By Joshua Cowan, Ritaka organizer for 2013

Ritaka is an annual weekend gathering organized by young adults for young adults (ages 17-30). Young adulthood can be a very mysterious, uncertain and powerful time in our lives. We are trying to find our role within the world while juggling school, finding jobs, starting families and discovering who we are. Ritaka provides the time and space to experience the power of coming together. It is a time for us to deepen our connection to each other as young adults…a time to freely express ourselves and deeply hear each other. It’s a time to tap into that inner spark of our life’s purpose.

We will join together August 23-25 in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, USA. This year, we have the great blessing of having tsaurirrikame (fully initiated senior shaman in the Huichol tradition) Eliot Cowan join us to share his teachings.

Feel the urge to join? Check out the Ritaka page for more information about registration.

As young adults, we are still building our financial status, and greatly appreciate donations. Check out the Ritaka webpage for information about donations.

Do you live in the Chapel Hill area and want to donate food, time, supplies or support? Contact Joshua Cowan.

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We hope to See you at Ritaka 2013 – August 23-25, 2013 in Chapel Hill, NC.

Who leads the program?

Ritaka is offered by Sacred Fire Community’s Lifeways.

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