Cocoa-beansWe are very excited and pleased to announce a very special Grandfather Fire event this August.

For over a year now, we have been working to put in place the right conditions so that we could request that Grandfather tell the Sacred Story of Chocolate, a story rarely heard because of the special circumstances that must surround the telling.

Grandfather has selected the full moon of August 29th as the date and the Asheville Fire Hamlet as the venue where we will at last be able to make this special request.

Auspiciously, this event may coincide with the completion of a Prosperity Ritual in which Grandfather has instructed the Sacred Fire Community and our sister Sacred Fire organizations to engage again this year.

It appears that everything is lining up for an amazing night! As we know from Grandfather’s teachings, gathering together is a way to create social and energetic fire. We sincerely hope you can join us for this rare and special evening to help ignite the night so that Grandfather might honor our request.

David Wiley, who provides a conduit for Grandfather to speak to us, has generously offered to donate the proceeds of this particular event to the Sacred Fire Community organization to provide support for the work Grandfather is asking us to do to grow our Firekeeping and Lifeways programs around the world.

We are grateful for the opportunity to collaborate with the generous and hearty folks from the local Asheville Fire Hamlet. While we work out the details with the local firekeepers and the team we build together, please save the date, invite your friends and get ready for a “Wonderful Night for a Fire.“


The Sacred Fire Community organization and the Asheville Hamlet
invite you to a Very Special Grandfather Fire Event


Where we will request Grandfather to tell the
Sacred Story of Chocolate.

Proceeds will benefit Grandfather’s work through the Sacred Fire Community.

Please save the date and spread the word to ignite the night. More details on the event including cost, registration, lodging will be forthcoming.

To learn more about how Grandfather Fire speaks in this form, please visit

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