Chocolate has long been used as an offering of love, warmth, and the bravery of spirit. Come join us for a day of joy and connection in Asheville, North Carolina, as we explore abundance, community, and chocolate in the spaciousness of nature. The fullness of our day will meet under the full moon with the presence of Grandfather Fire.

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For several years now the larger Sacred Fire Community has been trying to bring the conditions together to request Grandfather Fire to tell the Sacred Story of Chocolate, which needs to be told on the auspicious evening of a full moon. With this condition in place and with his encouragement, we will be putting forth the request at this special fire in Asheville. We invite you to join us in helping to create an atmosphere of joy, connection and appreciation so that we may be granted the opportunity to hear this sacred story along with other teachings from Grandfather Fire.


Fire Speaks!

firespeaksFor hundreds of thousands of years, Fire has been central to human existence, not only providing warmth, light, and protection, but sacred space for communing with Divine. Known by many names such as the Hindu Agnideva, the Huichol Tatewarí (Grandfather Fire), the Egyptian Sekhmet, and the Greek Hephaestus the Spirit of Fire has been revered and engaged by the original traditions and peoples of our earth as a source of wisdom, compassion and transformation.

What would it be like to hear and experience the voice of Fire?

When the peoples go through difficult periods, the ancestral traditions offered a pathway for a spirit-speaking person to help their societies receive guidance and reestablish connection to the Sacred. Even in our present generations there exist respected traditions where a person is chosen by Spirit to serve in this way. The Tibetan kuten, and the Huichol axihuatakame are but two examples.

In a rare occurrence, the Spirit of Fire has selected a person from outside the usual indigenous setting to serve as such a conduit for the people of our western culture, who are deeply challenged and in need of renewed connection to the Sacred. Acting as a bridge between worlds and cultures, Don David Wiley was raised in the West but called, trained, initiated and accepted as an elder in two ancestrally-related indigenous traditions – those of the Nahua and Huichol peoples. Since Grandfather Fire has appeared to provide a new, yet old voice in the world, Don David is traveling on Fire’s behalf to provide this to international audiences in Europe, Latin America, Canada, Australia and the United States.


We request that you register online here by August 15, to allow us time to make final purchasing decisions for the event. Because we will be making commitments based on attendance, all sales will be final. Thank you for your help and understanding!