Few substances have grown to become as ubiquitous globally as chocolate has since it was taken from Mesoamerica by the Spanish conquistadors and introduced to Europe. Since that time, products containing chocolate or cacao have exploded in demand to what is nearly a $100 billion global market today! Despite its broad use, the origins of chocolate remain a mystery; with little know about its beginnings other than that it has been used in everything from sacred ceremonies, cooking and currency throughout pre-Hispanic history.

Join us Saturday, 8/29/2015 by the light of the full moon and fire as we ask Grandfather Fire to reveal the illustrious Story of Chocolate, which can only be told when conditions permit.

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Due to the rare nature of this event, registration is being held open for the remainder of the week to make sure we can share this night with everyone wanting to attend!

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Aztec._Man_Carrying_a_Cacao_Pod,_1440-1521 Please consider using the donation link on the registration page to give someone else the opportunity to join us.

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We love Asheville events and appreciate the local volunteers from this hamlet who devote their time and love to create such wonderful opportunities for us all to be with the Sacred Fire. We hope you’ll join us there!