the-holy-mountain-from-bertra-beachGrandfather Fire has deemed that the time is right and the people are ready to receive His guidance in Ireland!

Save the date: June 10, 2017

What will He reveal to us about this little ancient sacred island, the same size as Indiana State, half the size of New York, where luminous and precious fragments of the old ways still glimmer in the land and in people’s Hearts?

This land of many names is Herself surely calling us together through the voice of Tatewarí, and our own Fire/Sun deities of the four agricultural festivals — Brigid, Áine, Lugh and Tlachtga — to immerse ourselves in this gathering of learning, remembering and re-connecting to the soul of Ireland, the land of Céad míle fáilte – ‘one hundred thousand welcomes’ (KAYD MEEla FALLcha)

Come on over to Ireland.
Stay a while.
Fall ever more in love with Her wild beauty and hospitality.
Kiss an Irish flower, hug an Irish tree, lay in a meadow surrendering to the soft cool rain on your face.
Smell Atlantic waves crashing on Her rugged shores (and sandy beaches.)
Hold a sod of turf in your own hand.
Above all, come and share in this extraordinary event and adventure!

A note from Carolyn and Dawn:

We two have been asking Grandfather for a number of years now to come to Ireland.

We both came to the Sacred Fire Community through the study of Plant Spirit Medicine and are now delighted that a Community Fire hamlet is growing in Co. Mayo, with Carolyn as trainee-Firekeeper (to hopefully be initiated this December in Mexico!)

We are beyond excited that our dream of hosting an audience with Grandfather Fire here in our homeland is coming to fruition!