During five deliciously cool and rainy days in early July, the Ukalai Women’s Retreat was held for the first time in the United Kingdom. The group experienced the glory of an English summer with fabulously fragrant roses blooming in the hedgerows and the welcoming support of hosts Katarina and Richard Diss, Firekeepers in Bedfordshire. Aloma Bartlett tells of her experience:

“I attended the Ukalai retreat in a complete state of ignorance as to what was ahead of me and was blown away by the power and beauty of the whole experience. The speed in which as a group we bonded with each other was unprecedented in my experience; and then the deep soul-affecting work that we all experienced was so unexpected for me, I had never imagined so much could happen and be stirred up to change in so few days.

It was beautiful for me watching the women around me change, their faces open up and become softer; their inner turmoil relaxing and their deep scars fading; and I could feel inside that the same was happening within me. I have come away with such a sense of gratitude for my experiences and gifts that I received over those four days, and for the wonderful friends I have made.”

The next Ukalai Women’s Retreat will take place near Moab, Utah, USA October 3 through 7, 2012. For info contact Trish Cannon.

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