On four continents, the Sacred Fire Community’s Lifeways are quietly breaking through the constraints of modern life to bring intentional rites and ancestral teachings back to our culture. Featuring deeply rooted ancestral approaches, these programs mark life’s transitions and offer participants real transformation and a sustainable way of relating with each other and the living world.

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1. Families and Communities learn to celebrate pregnancy, welcome new babies and honor the mystery of new life.

2. Young people are mentored into adults who can make the world a better place.


Sacred Fire Community’s Lifeways, which is bringing forth a vision of living with awareness throughout all the stages of life, is pleased to announce 

The Heart of Birth

October 4th-6th in Santa Monica and Malibu, CA.


Our experience of being born and welcomed shapes who
we are and how we relate with life.  
What happens when we engage family, community,
and Divine in this powerful right of passage?  
We create a sustainable future, one baby at a time. 

The Heart of Birth is a weekend program for men and women who are looking for

  • Reassurance about the birth process.
  • Tools to guide you in the journey of pregnancy, birth and parenting.
  • A foundation to support you and your baby throughout life.
  • Effective ways to help families, clients, and community in welcoming life.

The Heart of Birth

Children are the bloom of our people. For our ancestors, birth was a time of great celebration and deep purpose. It was one of the essential ingredients in sustaining community. Community knew that they had a role in helping to bring forth and sustain life.

In the old ways, people acknowledged the creation of new life, from conception through birth, as dependent on the grace of a deep mystery. Elders and community supported the expecting mother and father and gathered to honor the arrival and unique path of the newborn child.

Unfortunately, many of these sacred relationships between community and birth have been forgotten in our culture today. Whether at home or in the hospital, birth often becomes a medicalized and disconnected experience. This can lead to fear, isolation, aggression and confusion, perpetuating a world out of balance as people lose their way.

 The Heart of Birth - 3 The Heart of Birth Program engages the inherent power and mystery that brings forth life. It provides effective tools to help you instinctively be with the process of birth and early parenting. Heart of Birth recognizes that deeply connecting with and welcoming life is essential for individuals and communities to live in balance and harmony with the world. Join us.

Program Details (October 4-6, 2013)

The program begins on Friday evening at 7:00 pm at the Santa Monica Community Fire and continues in Malibu on Saturday from 9:00 – 6:00 and Sunday from 9:00-4:00. The cost is $275/person if registered by Sept. 9th and $300 thereafter. Second family member is $50 off. Price includes two healthy lunches. If you need assistance with on-site childcare, please let us know.

For information regarding logistics,

contact our local coordinator Donna Groves at (310) 245-9184 or email.

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For program inquiries, 

contact Kathy and Lisa

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The Heart of Birth Flyer

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The Heart of Birth - 4

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This program is facilitated by Lisa Lichtig and Kathy Reid who both serve on the Neikame Lifeways Birthing Council of the Sacred Fire Community.

Lisa Lichtig - The Heart of Birth

Lisa Lichtig, MD, is the mother of two sons born at home and has attended over 500 births. She is a holistic family physician and Plant Spirit Medicine healer and brings an additional perspective as an apprentice healer in the Huichol tradition. Personally and professionally, she has come to know birth as a sacred rite of passage, midwiving families through this transformative process.

Kathy Reid - The Heart of Birth

Kathy Reid is an apprentice midwife and doula. She brings over a decade of experience as a mother, pre-natal massage therapist, and Plant Spirit Medicine healer to her work with birth. As a Massage Instructor, she teaches how to care for women using massage techniques during pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. In addition, Kathy helps new mamas adjust to life postpartum by offering placenta medicine.

To Bring This Program To Your Area  
email Kathy and Lisa.

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SFC Lifeways - Neikame

Sacred Fire Community Lifeways and our developing global communities centered around the fire provide modern humans with comprehensive tools and experiences for living a deeply connected life.

Acknowledged throughout humanity’s history, Fire holds our deepest knowing and wisdom, and awakens our personal relationship with the Divine. Community is the workshop for learning the gifts of fire. Lifeways is brought to you by the Sacred Fire Community.


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