By Sherry Morgan

Prayer_smallPeople often say “we’re all one” or “we’re all connected,” but how often do we experience that connection or oneness? In indigenous cultures, aspects of the world around us are relatives. Ancient traditions taught their young how to connect with the spirits of nature and to nurture those relationships because those relationships provide many gifts; including guidance, support and healing.

Some of us think that only a few people can experience this connection and relatedness, but no, it is our birthright. Is there anything more needed in our world than to once again feel that we are connected and related to the world around us, and that Nature’s gifts are for all of us equally?

In this experiential program, we will look at what got in the way of our experience of divine connection and relatedness with the world. We will then explore ways to reawaken and deepen this experience. Through the experience of connection, our prayers are deeply felt and we open ourselves to the gifts and guidance available to us.

You will learn how to establish or deepen your connection to divine presence in much the same way as our long ago ancestors did.

Sherry Morgan has been teaching this program since 2000. Exploring the Core Basis of Prayer was created by the elemental Fire and passed down to Sherry through David Wiley, Huichol Tsaurirrikame (elder shaman).

Denver, Colorado
28 February 2014

Mesa, Colorado
7 March 2014

Tepoztlán, Morelos, Mexico
25 April 2014

Somewhere in Tennessee (TBD)
16 May 2014

Sherry Morgan has been an initiated Weather Worker in the Nahua tradition of Mexico since 1998. She was the founding president of the Sacred Fire Foundation and remains an active volunteer. She greets the weather in beautiful Victoria, British Columbia. For more information, please contact Sherry Morgan, 250.483.5273, or use the form below.

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