Date: Saturday, August 30th, 2014 
Brookfield, Massachusetts

As a spiritual community grows, issues will inevitably arise that are influenced from the culture of imbalance in which we find ourselves. These can show up as conflict, distrust, accusation, and blame. Even groups of very like-minded people can find themselves suddenly polarized in hidden or open dispute despite their heart-felt intent to work toward common cause. Our community is no different as we endeavor to bring Grandfather’s work of fire and heart to the world. 

We have recently heard of conflict toward elders who play direct and indirect roles in the Sacred Fire Community triggering emotions around the subjects of authority, gender and trustworthiness. In traditional villages when such conflicts arose, people would gather around a sacred fire to speak their mind, listen to their mutual heart and explore their fears and misunderstandings in an effort to restore clarity, openness and resolution. 

As an international community organization it is our mission to support the restoration of heart perspectives as a way of living in the world. We see a great opportunity in the timing of this situation to explore these subjects, and it is with this intention that we are hosting a Forum on August 30th to engage each other in the hope that openness, understanding and growth can be achieved for ourselves and our expanding community. 

This forum will be open to anyone in or related to the community with concerns or interest regarding the topics mentioned above. We have engaged Global Process Institute, an internationally recognized facilitation organization, who will be sending Gary Reiss to guide the process. Gary brings extensive experience as an international facilitator with a diverse range of organizations and groups. He has provided regular facilitation in the Middle East and around the world, working with issues such as racism, sexual identity, environmental concerns and conflict. We have also invited the Elder Council of the Marakate medicine group — David Wiley, Deanna Jenné, and Eliot Cowan — who have committed to participate as well. 

The forum will take place at the hearth of Tim Simon and Gwen Broz in Brookfield, Massachusetts, with a morning session from 10 am to 1 pm, and an afternoon session from 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm, taking short breaks as needed. 

This is a wonderful opportunity to have your voice heard in the presence of fire and community as we mutually undertake a process of deep exploration and learning around these issues that are so central to our times. We are asking for a small donation of $15 at the door to help offset some of the expenses. If you wish to give more in support of events such as this, your contribution will also be welcomed. 

If you plan to attend, please send an email to Joanne Rothstein (, so we can plan appropriately for the group size. An email with directions and logistical information will be sent to you separately when you RSVP. 

With gratitude for your participation as we learn and grow together in community, 

Bill Sutton, Executive Director 
Annie King, Fire Chief 
Sacred Fire Community