nicoleBy Nicole Colvin. 

I would like to share a bit about my experience at the recent forum which occurred…

(Items in quotes are from notes taken in 2011 during a Nonviolent Communications training)

Amazing openings happen when people are coming from a place of universal human needs

I felt both a powerful and a subtle shift occurred at this forum when people spoke their truth-     … deep listening.

The purpose of this system is to create connection

It was clear to me that there is so much love in our greater community.

That we want to hold space for each other with care, integrity and respect.

We love each other.


What is it in the message that is singing?”

“What is beautifully singing through the words?

Through the eyes, the tears, the passionate heart felt words-

Love.  Connection.



“One of my (Nicole’s) needs is for others to be held with care and to be heard.”

I heard a deep call to honor my truth and to speak out, to speak to the place where things were still alive in the field for my sisters, and to tend to them, rather than walk away… Heart pounding, emotion flowing, sitting in the fire, truth sharing.

It was met and received.  A dance of heart happened where everything changed in a moment.

A new seed was planted.

That brings so much hope

For all of us.