By Annie King, Fire Chief. 

The Sacred Fire Community held its first Community Forum on August 30th – an event to process some important issues felt both culturally and in our community. People attended through their caring for this Community, and their caring for one another. Many spoke their fears, their concerns and their deep-felt emotions, as issues were passionately explored. There were moments of great intensity, and moments where deeper understanding and connection were palpably felt. Throughout it all, Gary Reiss of Global Process Institute facilitated with respect for all voices, helping us discover our common concerns. The issues processed were deep and complex, and one day felt a very short time for this kind of work. It helped us appreciate that another day or more could have been spent together as we worked with these many issues. Nevertheless many felt the relief of coming together to begin this process of speaking and being heard – and of truly hearing another, and the transformation that comes from that.

As a follow-up, Bill Sutton on his return from Mexico will be sending more in-depth information on what the SFC organization is up to in serving and providing support for the community.

Our deep thanks go to all who attended.

We hope that there will be other forums offered so that the process can continue.

Many of you were asking for a report on the Forum. You’ll find in this newsletter writings from Maria Quintana, Christine Staub, Chris Griffin and Nicole Colvin that we hope will give you a feel for the day.