ChrisBy Chris Griffin. 

I am really happy that the Community Forum happened.  While I didn’t speak up that much at it, I saw many other people voicing my exact concerns, in some cases more eloquently that I would have.

Everyone was listened to.  While not everything was acknowledged, I am satisfied that the leadership in the Community is listening.   We pledged confidentiality about what was spoken and so I won’t go into details.

But I will say that I think the Sacred Fire Community needs to have better communication with the “membership” (I put that in quotes because there is no explicit membership, anyone who attends fires may self-identify as a member).   Communication is a two-way street, it’s up to us to ask for what we need, what we want, what we feel is missing.  One channel for this communication is your firekeeper.   Another channel is the SFC’s yahoo group.   Write to if you would like to join that.

It looks like there will be more of these events, and I would encourage anyone to attend.   I felt that Gary Reiss from the Global Process Institute held the space and facilitated beautifully.  This was a beginning and I can see that it brought about greater understanding, expression, sharing and movement in areas that have been stuck.