By Deanna Jenné, Karen Aberle & Jessica De la O,  Sacred Emergence Guides

Dear Sacred Fire Community (SFC),

SFC’s Lifeways program, Sacred Emergence ~ Initiation into Womanhood, will be offered in Summer 2015. We invite girls and young women from the ages of 16 to 25 to join us on a journey to self-discovery. This is the time in life when a young person begins to question life and seek answers. At this stage, it is essential to catalyze a certain latent energy that one is born with. Initiation holds the key to this transformation, and to one’s purpose and connection in the world.

The signs that she’s ready are wide and varied. She may innately know there is much more to life than what she is currently experiencing. It feels like a calling for some. For others, there is a strong sense of suffering accompanied by depression, illness, or a compelling urge to indulge in risky behaviors such as drugs, alcohol and promiscuous sex. Confusion is predominant. In all cases, we recognize that these are signs and symptoms of a doorway trying to open. There is an innate calling that must be answered!

Photo - 2010 InitiatesWe are here to help guide girls and young women through the initiatory process of moving into womanhood.  With the guidance of trained leaders and elders, initiation candidates are led through a weeklong ritual that provides tools and wisdom to live a heart-centered life, develop a deeper connection to the natural world, and have the ability to bring forth her creative gifts.

The application process is now underway. If you are interested, or if you know someone who could benefit from this offering, please contact us (or have them contact us) for more information and to request an application: Contact us. Applications are due by January 30, 2015.

In the spirit of Womanhood,
Deanna Jenné, Karen Aberle & Jessica De la O
Sacred Emergence Guides

What does this experience bring?

The experience of initiation has given me the gift of trust in my own soul. Life is no longer about success or failure; it is about following my heart so that I can be a servant to my highest self and to the divine in its many miraculous forms. ~ 2005 Initiate

I have gained trust to let myself feel the thrill of the journey instead of the worry. I feel stronger, not because I feel more capable, but because I trust myself in a way I haven’t before, and because I know I’m part of something bigger.  ~ 2013 Initiate