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Something Essential

By Jonathan Merritt, Sacred Fire Portland, Oregon

We recently asked Sacred Fire Contributing Editor Jonathan Merritt to share his experiences with Grandfather Fire. He came back with a beautiful poem that we would like to share with you.

Grandfather Fire granted us three audiences during a recent gathering in Northern California. He spoke of many subjects, patiently addressing our questions, speaking to our hearts. The wisdom shared inspired the following poem…

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Initiation into Adulthood: An online webinar and discussion

On Thursday evening August 23, 2018 at 8 pm EDT (GMT -4:00), David Wiley and Deanna Jenné, representing the joint Men’s and Women’s Initiation Council, will host a free webinar to offer information and answer questions about the important process of initiation into adulthood for young men and women.

Mark your calendars to participate in this key discussion regarding our future generations, led by these two traditional wisdom keepers. If you know of young people or families who might be interested, please invite them.

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Registration Now Open for Fire Speaks Olympia

The Olympia, Washington (USA) Sacred Fire community is delighted to once again host Fire Speaks. Registration is now open for the October 6, 2018 event. This will be the first appearance by Grandfather Fire at this hearth since the spirit of Raven was invited to take residence in November 2017. At that time a beautiful Raven totem pole was ceremonially installed to offer wisdom and protection to the local community.

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The Hill Where People Gather Around Fire

In July 2016 people came from near and far to attend a special Fire Speaks event, hosted by the New Freedom, PA Sacred Fire community. On that occasion, those gathered were treated to The Story of Tobacco.

Firekeeper Linda Felch and her husband Randy Whitlock were given a special name for the Place where their hearth is located: Uthsijsta Kahwanta (ooh-th’ see-gee stahh cah’-wahn-tah). Translated from the (extinct) Susquehannock language it means: “The hill where people gather around fire to meet.”

This August 25, gathering again at Uthsijsta Kahwanta, we will ask to be told The Story of Corn. You are invited to join us. You can learn more about the special relationship that Linda and Randy, and other members of the Sacred Fire Community, have built with Corn.

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Sparks: Coming Soon

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