The Spirit of Deep Community

***Put down your $100 deposit to hold your place for Reunion: the balance will be due one month before the program, on July 10th. Book now.***

“There is such value in connecting and having a deeper, richer sense of yourself. Your joy will ignite the coldness of other people.

It’s time to come out and bring your courage with you.”

It’s an exciting time to be alive! 2012 is the turning of the tide in our culture and our world. August 10-13 at the Blue Deer Center in Margaretville, NY is an opportunity to “come out and bring your courage with you.” Show up to be challenged and inspired by a weekend of deep community on the sacred land and a night of deep connection at this unique experience of Grandfather Fire.

About Grandfather Fires: In this time of turmoil and transformation, the voice of Fire and Heart is more needed than ever before. The elemental spirit of fire, the guiding force of life through the fire in our hearts, appears through a human conduit only in times of great need. Grandfather Fire shares his teachings of the heart through David Wiley, a tsaurrirrikame (elder shaman) in the Huichol tradition of Mexico. David generously lends his body and voice for the divine Spirit of Fire to speak and offer guidance in an evening filled with laughter and wisdom for people of all ages and paths.

For those of you not familiar with Grandfather Fire, visit, or show up to be ignited!

About the Blue Deer Center sacred land: Saskawhihiwine, the river at the Blue Deer Center, allows all who go there to learn, explore and be with Her in this special place. At this event, we’ll connect with one another, put our feet on the soil. We’ll dance where the ancestors have danced before us and send song and drumming out to the shores of the sacred waters below. This is what pleases the spirit of the river. She has much to teach us about loving ourselves, forgiveness, compassion, joy, exuberance and keeping on despite the boulders that get in the way. Grandfather has told us that through the river we connect to the land at the Blue Deer Center and to the ancestors. It is not a complex thing, really. By being in this place, by hearing Her waters flowing, we connect and remember. Read more about the sacred land.

Registration is flexible: you can register for the entire three days of deep community experience, or just show up for Saturday for a day of fun and a night of fire. Register now.

Sacred Fire Community Reunions like this one are open to everyone. Invite your friends to the fun and discovery of deep community.