What makes our lives meaningful? 

Well, there are many experiences that make our lives meaningful, and for me, one of those experiences is relationships. Not only a relationship with a partner, but with friends and family as well.  Relationships weave the fabric of our lives, connecting us to someone and something beyond our own existence.  Relationships are an expression of Fire’s attribute of connection moving in the world.

Since joining the Firekeepers’ Deep Community workgroup, I’ve been pondering – what creates deep community?  And it hit me that relationships are what make a community. Relationships are the very core of deep community. Without relationships, we are just a group of people who get together once a month around the fire.  Without deep relationships, deep community is not possible. And in order to have deep relationships we need to have courage, and, skills.

Relationships can be a vehicle for great learning and a source of great joy.  But many of us flounder in relationships. It is so easy to unconsciously repeat the relationship patterns that we learned in our families of origin. I was never taught, either directly or by example, how to navigate and build a healthy relationship.

And so, as I am coming to see the importance of deep, nourishing, healthy relationships, including a relationship with a life partner, I see the need for teachers. And that is why I’m on fire about bringing Karen Aberle and Cristian Valenzuela to present the Lifeways “Getting Ready for Deep Relationship” workshop at my hamlet in Pepperell Massachusetts, USA. I look forward to receiving the guidance of these two teachers whose work it is to help us all in the realm of relationship.

Kateri McCue, Firekeeper

Pepperell, Massachusetts, USA hamlet

Kateri is an insane lover of the Divine.  She serves as Firekeeper for the Pepperell, MA hamlet and makes a mean beef stew.


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